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Here you will find all the information about our laboratories and main areas of work. Which methods we offer, which equipment is available in our laboratories, what our research specialisms are or which materials can be examined.


Our methods, ranging from macroscopic to atomistic dimensions, are applied according to the nature of the problem or the material and the corresponding machining processes of the artefacts under investigation. Here you can find our complete portfolio of methods.

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Whether minerals, biominerals, rocks, ores, metals, ceramics, glass, pigments, organic material such as bones or teeth, here you will find all the materials that can be examined and analysed in our laboratories.

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State-of-the-art technology is crucial for us. That is why our colleagues in our laboratories work exclusively with internationally recognised and proven equipment in order to achieve analyses with optimum results.

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Research focus

As CEZA is not only a service provider, but our scientists also pursue their own projects, we would like to take the liberty of presenting this expertise in more detail here.

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