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About CEZA

CEZA is a specialised laboratory for scientific investigations in the cultural sciences, a service provider in the field of archaeometry and a provider of modern analytics for geological, environmental and climate research as well as the construction, chemical and food industries.

CEZA is your competent partner for scientific analyses of heritage assets and a cooperation partner in many research projects as well as a service provider for public institutions, companies and private individuals.

We are based in Mannheim and our customers are international. Material analyses, authenticity tests, age determination, origin, technology, bioarchaeology, determination of biogenic carbon in various basic and raw materials are all part of our portfolio.

Modern analysers and highly trained scientists are your contacts at CEZA.

Our strengths are not only precise analyses thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, but above all the consultation, discussion and interpretation of your results. We do not leave you alone with your questions.