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Research focus

As CEZA is not only a service provider, but our scientists also pursue their own projects, we would like to take the liberty of presenting this expertise in more detail here.


Archaeometallurgy is an important branch of Archaeometry dealing with the reconstruction of metallurgical and manufacturing processes of ancient metals from prehistory to modern times.

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Chronology structure and climate research

Chronology as a teaching of time is the subject of research at CEZA in various ways.

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Dating of archaeological finds

Dating of archaeological finds.

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Development of metallurgy and raw material extraction in the Old World

The development and spread of metallurgy and its temporal and cultural context are a core theme of CEZA’s archaeometric research.

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Human morphology, health, diet and mobility

Physical anthropology describes a research focus that deals with human remains from archaeological contexts – usually skeletal finds from burials or cremations.

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