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Dr. Hannes Knapp

Research assistant


Academic and professional background

Since 2021  

Research assistent at CEZA


Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg, Department of wetland archaeology, Dendrochronological laboratory, Hemmenhofen


CNRS / LIEC – Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Environnements Continentaux. Université de Lorraine, Metz


Institute for Geosciences, WG climate and sediment, University Mainz


Institute of pre- and protohistory and Graduate school „Human Development in Landscapes“ University Kiel


Institute for Geosciences, WG climate and sediment, University Mainz


Fellow at the Graduate School „Human Development in Landscapes“ and Institute of pre- and protohistory, University Kiel.

Promotion topic: Habitat Harz – Paläobotanische Untersuchungen zur Umweltgeschichte eines Mittelgebirges.


Study of biology at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and the research institute Senckenberg:

Topic of the diploma thesis: Palynologische Rekonstruktion der Vegetationsdynamik während des Riß-Spätglazials im südwestdeutschen Alpenvorland.

Research profile

Research in the field of:

· Forest and resource utilisation (wood and charcoal) in the Holocene

· Dendrochronology and wood anatomy

· Human use and colonisation of low mountain ranges in Central Europe

· Interaction between humans, vegetation and climate

· Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, vegetation dynamics and climate variability in the Quaternary and Holocene.

Range of methods:

· Tree ring measurements / dendrochronology

· Anatomy of wood

· Anthracology

· Palynology

· Basics of archaeobotany and isotope analysis